Rope Access Bin Chutes Cleaning & Waterproofing

The bin chutes tend to drip water and liquid wasted into the garbage room. The garbage room becomes wet and the waste becomes sticky making it difficult to clean. The accumulation of liquid waste causes the growth of bacteria and molds, making the area unfit for human access. It also makes the area around the garbage room will experience bad odor. When residents are opening the chute doors to dispose of garbage, the odor is felt. If the bin chutes are cleaned well and waterproofed, there will be no odor. This is why it is important to have bin chutes cleaned and waterproofed.

Cleaning of the bin chutes do not only do away with the odor but also removes germs that can be easily spread among the residents. This is why every floor of the building needs to have cleaned bin chutes. Rope access has come to solve the problem of reaching a high place bin chutes and to clean them. We are Rope Access Singapore are here to make sure that all the bin chutes in the building are cleaned and the environment is kept safe.

Benefits of Bin Chutes Cleaning and Waterproofing

 Mitigates Insect and Rodent Problems

Insects and rodents thrive well in dirty bin chutes. Even though the bins need to collect garbage, but they need to be kept clean as well to eradicate insects and rodents. This is beneficial because it will minimize the outbreak of diseases among the people. Bin chutes on high floors tend to be forgotten because of their distance. This is where you need to hire rope access service providers to help to clean bine chutes on all floors of the building.

Reduce health Risk

Waterproofing the bin chutes helps to keep the environment healthy because there will be no leakage of liquid waste. The accumulation of liquid waste is what breeds bacteria that can cause a disease outbreak. This can be controlled by having regular cleaning of the bin chutes. Cleaning also removes any bacterial growth that can cause an outbreak of bacterial diseases and respiratory irritation.

The longevity of the chutes

Regular cleaning of the bin chutes will increase the durability of the chutes. If they accumulate garbage for long, it can cause deterioration of the bin. This can cause you to be replacing the chute bins frequently. This is expensive as compared to hiring experts to clean the bin chutes. Bin chutes that have waterproof last longer because water does not destroy them. Water seepage affects both the concrete wall and the bin chutes. This is why waterproofing is an important task to increase the longevity of the bin chutes.

Prevents Buildup of Garbage

Garbage can easily accumulate is left unattended and cause odor and growth of bacteria. This happens if no one is assigned to regularly attend to the bin chutes. The buildup of garbage is what leads to the growth of bacteria and molds. With regular bin chutes cleaning, you are assured that the garbage will be emptied regularly and the area will remain clean and free from odor. Each floor will be easily accessed with the use of rope access and empty the bin chutes for cleaning.

Reduce Risk of Fire

Electricity fire can easily be caused by leakage of wastewater from bin chutes that do not have waterproof. Water can leak and can get into the electric cables that can cause fire outbreak. To reduce this risk, the bin chutes need to be waterproofed so that the waste liquid does not leak to the environment. Rope access services make it possible to reach the bin chutes at all floors for cleaning and for waterproof. This is why you should consider working with technicians that use rope access for buildings with many floors. Cleanliness of the bin chutes will help in minimizing the risk of health infection caused by bacteria and the accumulation of dirt.

At Rope Access Singapore, we provide a wide range of rope access services. Our technicians are trained and highly skilled to contact different tasks and give you the best results. We are licensed and have experience in this industry of rope access. Therefore, contact us today to find out more about our services.

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